Chef Nick Strawhecker Featured on Sea To Table Website

Nick Strawhecker | Dante, Omaha

Chef Nick Strawhecker’s passion for all things food began at a young age, from moving through different restaurant jobs in his teens, to attending a Master Chef’s program in Italy’s Piedmont region. Nick’s restaurant Dante is a Neopolitan gem in Omaha, Nebraska. The menu “is built around the philosophy of hyper-seasonal, sustainable ingredients,” he tells us, “and it’s my mission to truly cultivate relationships with growers and producers across Nebraska and the Midwest.”

True to his word, Nick has close relationships with local farmers who provide Dante with meat, dairy, herbs, and produce. He even forages seasonal morel mushrooms himself! This drive to know exactly where Dante’s food comes from doesn’t stop there.

With Sea to Table, Chef Nick has access to a wide and ever-changing variety of fresh fish caught and delivered to land-locked Omaha the next day. “Each dish we create with seafood is rooted in my fundamental love for Italian food and wine, and elevated by the weekly inspiration that our farmers and producers provide. Sea to Table makes this possible to create new, elegant seafood dishes each week, which surprise our eaters and drives our every evolving menu.”

Dante was recently named a leader in sustainable seafood by the James Beard Foundation’s Smart Catch program. In the words of Chef Nick, “It’s with Sea to Table that we are able to make this incredible accomplishment happen.”