Wednesday, February 23rd:

COS Wine & Sicilian Dinner

Come celebrate Sicily with our 5 course Sicilian inspired wine dinner, featuring the wines of C.O.S. C.O.S. was founded in 1980 and features bio-dynamic production with the use of Amphora, rather than oak, in the creation of their wines. They don’t follow trends, they follow their passion and curiosity to learn about a world, that at the time, didn’t exist in Sicily. In time, they were able to bring back, to translate, and to improve upon something that already existed, an excellent wine that speaks to the traditions of love in Sicily. Paired with 5 Sicilian inspired dishes, this is the must attend event of a young 2022!

About COS:

In 1980, COS was amongst the youngest wine producers in Italy. They received an old family winery from Giambattista Cilia’s father Giuseppe Cilia and the nearby vineyard of bush trained vines, a total of 3.60.40 hectares in the famed town of Bastonaca. On October 5, 1980 they harvested their first vintage and made 1,470 bottles. COS began its adventure that would one day lead to the transformation of Cerasuolo di Vittoria. The winery follows the principles of biodynamic faming in order to help the vines find and maintain a balance with nature in order to be able to express their true character and that of their terroir. For vinification, they decided to use terracotta vases that left no traces or aromas on the wine but were completely neutral vessels. In 2000, Pithos was born, a Cerasuolo di Vittoria that ferments and ages in amphora. The winery got rid of the barrels that they had and use only 150 amphoras’, one of the largest of its kind. Today COS is associated not only with the success of Cerasuolo di Vittoria but also with rigor and quality. It’s thanks to these three friends that the region of Cerasuolo di Vittoria was reborn and the area around Vittoria is thriving with its extraordinary wines.

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