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Eat a Fish. Save a Furry Friend.
This year marked the return of Dante's Annual Friday Fish Fry with a special twist. We are passionate about our community. As a local business, we have always believed that by helping each other and supporting area farmers, food artisans and producers, our community would [more]
Everyday something extraordinary happens at Dante in Omaha when an Authentic Neapolitan Pizza is born in our wood-fired oven. It's something worth seeing and our friends at Motion Parlour in Omaha helped us document the Birth of a Neapolitan Pizza. In celebration of Dante Pi [more]
Dante featured in Real Food Traveler
Chef Nick Strawhecker and Dante were recently featured in Real Food Traveler's review of the best restaurants in Omaha. During a recent trip to Omaha, Real Food Traveler co-founder and editor-in-chief, Bobbie Hasselbring, was pleasantly surprised by the unexpected quality a [more]
Please visit the link below for the full article.   [more]
(As seen on by Trip Advisor) Oct 20, 2014 Pizza is the ultimate equalizer. Doesn't matter if you land in the 1% or have $1 to your name - the way three simple, staple ingredients blend together is enjoyed by all. Not only is it feasted upon by al [more]
Herlife Magazine: Slow Food Movement
(Article as seen in HERLIFE Magazine, Kansas City Edition - June 2014) By Hope E. Ferguson  For as long as humans have lived, whether we have been hunters and gatherers or resided in agricultural communities, food always had a very short trip from the land to the tabl [more]
Dante Recommended by Zagat Recommended by Omaha World Herald