Adam Weber Dante Omaha Sommelier, IWP“Love what you drink, drink what you love.”  

That basically sums up how we feel about Italian wine at Dante. It’s one of those things we are passionate about.

When we began to curate our extensive wine list, we set out to carefully select unique wines from each region in order to offer our guests a true representation of Italy, the world’s leading wine producer. Each region of Italy has its own unique terroir, cuisine, and culture – all features that are embodied by the wine they produce. We wanted to celebrate our Italian heritage yet showcase wines and regions familiar and less known.

It is our passion to share these amazing bottles with you, paired with high quality, locally-sourced ingredients to make your meals memorable. We wish to share the stories from the wine makers, the history of the vineyards and to celebrate the world’s largest producing wine country with you, our valued guests.

Dante is committed to presenting the very best in Italian wines through our innovative Wine Classes, Tasting Events and Wine Dinners. Widely considered one of the best-kept secrets in Omaha for Wine Lovers, we invite you to experience the wonderful world of Italian wine and our extensive collection. Dante regularly features approximately 85 different wine varieties from every region in Italy, and is home to one of the largest Italian Wine Lists in the state of Nebraska.

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About Our Sommelier: Adam Weber, Sommelier, IWP

Adam Weber Dante Omaha Sommelier, IWP

Adam Weber is the first person in the state of Nebraska to receive the esteemed Italian Wine Professional designation. One of the top wine schools in the United States, the IWP designation is awarded by the Napa Valley Wine Academy to honor wine professionals who have demonstrated an in-depth understanding of Italian wine. Italy is the largest wine producing country in the world, learning about and being able to recognize the many regions and varieties of wine can be a daunting task. Not only has Adam excelled at his continuing studies of Italian wines, he is one of only 120 wine professionals in the United States honored with the IWP designation. Additionally, he is a Sommelier who is en route on the long journey to achieving the coveted Master Sommelier designation. With nearly 20 years of experience in the culinary scene, Adam began his studies with French and California wines in a variety of fine venues which led him to Dante in 2011. He has become well known for his expertise in finding just the right wine for any palate. Adam also has an uncanny ability to pair wines with the seasonal and ever-changing menu items found at Dante.

“Dante is where I have found a true love, a true passion for the highest level of service you, our guests will receive.  It is here where I found a love of Italian Wine.  Grape varietals that are off the beaten path, but are beautiful in their elegance and refinement. It was here where I have met so many people that continue to push me, in wine, in service, in creating beautiful cocktails with our wonderful staff members. I live by a simple motto: Love what you eat & drink, eat & drink what you love. In Vino Veritas!”
Adam Weber, Dante Sommelier, IWP

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